Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion may be a trend or simply just another word for some people but for those involved with fashion industry, it is their life blood. We at LIL eat, drink, and sleep fashion and there is nothing else in our minds when we are dealing withfashion photography. We not only cover fashion events to create mesmerizing images of people taking part in it but also capture lively and vibrant photos of models walking down the ramp in fashion show. We help aspiring models by making beautiful portfolios for them. We also do photo shoots of important events taking place in the world of fashion.

We present models and products in the most elegant and beautiful manner with the help of our photographs. We make innovative use of props and themes to add to the glamour and persona of a model. Our hair stylists and makeup artists work up the magic on models that we shoot and the results of our hard work are there for everyone to see.

LIL is a master when it comes to capturing the golden moments during celebrations involving people. The reason why our team of photographers is able to come up with such beautiful and lively images is that we become a part of the celebrations rather than considering ourselves as mere lens men. We are always on the lookout for expression of happiness, emotions, fun, and frolic and we know when and how to click to produce lovely images that speak louder than words. One reason why our lifestyle photography gets so much of appreciation is because we never lose track of the theme of the event. Our photos are spontaneous and never stage managed. This is why people are so lively and natural in the photographs of lifestyle events that we cover.

LIL knows how to shoot a person without making him feel self conscious. This is what allows us to create memories of lighter moments of life while doing photography in Mumbai.


Commercial & Products

LIL is a champion in capturing images during the making of commercial. We know what it takes to highlight the product or the models to take the message across to the minds of the audience. We make optimum utilization of resources at hand and create lighting effects to produce images that leave a deep and long lasting image in the minds of the people. We provide high quality and very efficient photography services for all sorts of commercials whether they are about a product, service, building, or anything else under the skies. We produce stunning catalogues of products with the help of our images that have the ability to speak to the audiences without saying a word.

LIL provides tailor made services to its clients after making an analysis of their requirements and tries to exceed their expectations. Our images can be effectively used in not only print media but also on social media to have a great impact on the audiences.


Pre-Wedding & Events

Weddings are special events that are very important in the lives of not just the bride and the groom but for all the family members and guests. We realize the importance of all the rituals and little ceremonies that take part inside a wedding event. LIL team makes everyone in the wedding ceremony feel carefree and relaxed so that the images created by us look real and not forced. We capture all the happy and lighter moments and people in different moods and actions to create an album that is a treasure house of lifetime memories. We understand the importance of classic photography during weddings and click some beautiful portraits of the bride as well as family photographs.Event photography is different from lifestyle photography and our images vouch for this difference.

We also cover other important events of life such as birthdays, anniversaries, mundane ceremonies, engagements etc. Our focus always remains the people who make up the events rather than events per se and this is why we are able to produce mesmerizing albums of these events.

Corporate Photography & Videos

Corporate events are very important for companies as they use them as a tool in PR and to communicate with their investors and customers on social media. We realize this and make sure that the images of corporate events that we cover are able to highlight the important officials of the company. We create images that show the company and its employees in a positive manner as these images are used by the company for its image building exercise. We cover seminars, conferences, award distribution, cocktails and even festivals that are celebrated by companies to produce lively and bright images.

It is our endeavor while covering corporate events to capture images that present happy and energetic officials and employees. We make use of special lighting effects to achieve this end and often resort to classic photography to please our clients. Our corporate photography is so stunning that it become the talk of the town.